Face Shape Guide

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What's my face shape?

We're glad you asked! Knowing your face shape will help us choose the right frames to complement your one-of-a-kind features and help us pinpoint if there are any styles you might want to avoid.

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Your face length and face width are proportional
You have softer, circular features and fuller cheekbones

Your face is longer than it is wide
You have softer, curved features and a more narrow jawline

Your face is the widest at your forehead
Your jawline narrows to a point

Your face length and face width are equal
You have boxy features and an angular, defined jawline

When choosing frames, just remember opposites attract, so choose styles that contrast your face shape. If your face is angular, try frames with curves and rounded edges, and if your face is curvy, pick pairs with angled or boxy edges.

The best way to find your face shape

All it takes is a few measurements to match
your face shape as precisely as possible.

Step One

Grab a flexible tape measure, pen, and paper, and stand in front of a mirror. Don't have a tape measure? That's okay! Click here to print our paper version.

step one graphic

Do you have bangs and/or long hair? If so, we suggest pulling your hair back so you can clearly see the outline of your face.

Step Two

Making a straight face, record your measurements (in inches) in the following order. For best results, place the tape measure flat against your face as you measure:

step one graphic

Your forehead at the widest point

(from your hairline to hairline)

step two graphic

Your jawline at the widest point

(about an inch down from your ears)

step three graphic

Your face length

(from the middle of your hairline to your chin)

Step Three

Compare your measurements for your forehead and jawline (measurements 1 and 2). Circle the larger of the two measurements. Now, this is your face width.

If your forehead and jawline are the same, that's even simpler. In your case, use your forehead measurement as your face width.


Your face is unique, so it's okay if you don't fit perfectly into one category — just focus on the shape that resembles yours most closely!

Step Four

Follow our flow chart to match your measurements and find your face shape!

flow chart graphic

And voilá! You've found your face shape! Share yours with family and friends on Facebook Facebook and see how they compare.