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Our sizes

We separate our frame sizes into three categories: narrow, medium, and wide. Each pair is measured across the widest part of a lens, which is called the lens diameter. If the widest part of the lens is from top to bottom, then that would be the lens diameter.
narrow frame

Our narrow fit frames have a lens diameter less than 50mm.

medium frame

Our medium fit frames have a lens diameter ranging from 50mm to 54mm.

wide frame

Our wide fit frames have a lens diameter of 55mm and up.

bridge and temple graphic
Bridge width + temple length

We offer narrow, medium, and wide frames in varying bridge widths and temple lengths depending on the style. Once you've found your frame size, you'll want to keep in mind if you have a narrow or wide bridge, or need longer temple pieces.

For those with a narrow bridge (15mm-17mm) or wide bridge (19mm-21mm), you might try searching first by bridge width. For those with a temple measurement of 145mm or higher, be sure to pick frames with longer earpieces to comfortably fit your face.

Find your size

Looking for your best frame fit? We've got you covered! There are three different ways to easily find your size. We'll show you how below — just choose which method works best for you!
1Check the numbers

Take a look at the inside temple of your glasses. Some pairs have a three-number sizing code. If yours do, the measurements appear in this order:

lens diameter | bridge width | temple length

Sometimes the numbers are split and show up on the inside bridge of your glasses as well as the temple, so be sure to look there if you don't find all three numbers listed on the temple.

Lens diameter

If your lens diameter measurement is:

less than 50mm
Shop narrow frames

between 50mm and 54mm
Shop medium frames

55mm or greater
Shop wide frames

Bridge width + temple length

Though your bridge width and temple length measurements are not used to find your frame size, they help ensure your glasses fit your face to perfection. We offer narrow, medium, and wide frames in varying bridge widths and temple lengths.

If your bridge width measurement is:

between 15mm and 17mm
Shop narrow bridge frames

between 19mm and 21mm
Shop wide bridge frames

If your temple length measurement is:

145mm or greater
Shop frames with long temples

2Measure your head

If you don't have a pair of glasses on hand, measure your face from temple to temple with a ruler instead. For best results, hover the ruler over your face so that it hits right below your eyebrows.

how to measure your head graphic one
how to measure your head graphic two

If your temple to temple measurement is:

less than 4.5 inches
Shop narrow frames

between 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches
Shop medium frames

5.5 inches or greater
Shop wide frames

If your face width teeters between sizes, go ahead and stick with medium-sized frames.

3How do they usually fit?

For the best and most accurate fit, you'll want to use methods 1 or 2. While this third method is quick, your past frame fit could be a result of wearing the wrong size frames to begin with.

Don't have glasses or a ruler on hand? That's okay! Choose the phrase that best describes how your frames typically fit.

Glasses usually:

slide off graphic

slide off my face
Shop narrow frames

fits just right graphic

fit just right
Shop medium frames

too tight graphic

squeeze my head
Shop wide frames