Glasses Parts Diagram

Get to know your glasses

Understanding the parts of your glasses will help you make a more informed decision on their fit and function. But don't stress, learning the ins and outs of eyewear doesn't have to be confusing! We'll help you break each part down, piece by piece.
glasses parts diagram

Front and center, rims are (literally!) the focal point of your glasses. Within the rims, lenses are inserted and held in place.


End pieces are small parts of the frame that extend outward from the rims to connect to the temples.


The bridge holds everything together. It connects the rims and is designed to bear most of the glasses' weight.

If the bridge of your nose is narrow, try frames with adjustable nose pads to give your glasses a more custom (and snug!) fit.


Hinges allow your temples to fold inward so that you can keep your glasses safe and protected

Rough on your frames? Spring hinges, which allow temples to stretch slightly outwards as well as inwards, are right up your alley!


Screws are tiny metal fasteners found at the hinges of your glasses, used to connect the end pieces to the temples. Screws are also found where the rims meet the end pieces to hold lenses in place.


The right lenses can help you see great! In optical pairs, they hold your prescription in the right place, and in tinted sunglasses, they keep the pesky sun out of your eyes.


Nose pads are small plastic pieces secured under the bridge that rest on your nose. They give your glasses a more secure fit and make wearing them more comfortable.


The tiny attachments that hold the nose pads in place are called pad arms. They allow room for adjustment so that your glasses fit your natural face shape better.


Temples are the long arms of your glasses that start at your (you guessed it!) temples and extend over your ears for a secure fit.

Need some extra length? We have plenty of frame options with temple lengths over 145mm to give you the fit you need. While you're browsing, filter your options by going to the Features drop-down and clicking Long Temples.


The pieces that cover where the temples rest behind your ears are called earpieces. They provide extra comfort, especially on glasses with metal frames, and can be adjusted or extended on the temple to help get that perfect fit.

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