Our Glasses

Our glasses

From our exclusive high-end line of frames to our quality lenses and tints, we only use the best. With our wide selection of eyewear options, you'll get to customize your felix + iris glasses exactly how you like them.

Our frames

Whether you prefer wearing metal or plastic (or a little bit of both), you can be confident that your felix + iris frames are high-end, durable, and comfortable day after day.

acetate frames
acetate title

All of our plastic frames are constructed from high-end cellulose acetate. Acetate frames are a good choice for sensitive skin and can create a bolder look with different color options, rivet + stud detailing, and embellishments on the temples. Shop acetate

stainless steel frames
stainless steel title

In matte and polished finishes, our stainless steel frames are sleek + modern. Similar to titanium, stainless steel is hypoallergenic and very durable. Shop stainless steel

titanium frames
titanium title

Strong and durable, our hypoallergenic titanium frames are capable of withstanding tough wear + tear. Another benefit — they're super lightweight! Shop titanium

tr-90 frames
tr-90 title

Our frames made from durable TR-90 material, or from a combination of TR-90 and metal or plastic, flex + bend with the wearer. These are perfect for those of us who might be rough on or occasionally sit on our specs. (Oops!) Shop TR-90

Hypoallergenic: We're stocked with a variety of plastic + metal hypoallergenic frames. All of our hypoallergenic frames are designed to be friendly to your skin, whether that means limiting (or completely eliminating) the amount of nickel or palladium used in the materials, or using a protective coating to prevent irritation. Shop hypoallergenic frames

Our lenses

Whether you need a special prescription or are wearing a pair with no prescription at all, all of our lenses are crafted with your lifestyle in mind. Our lenses go through a manufacturing process of more than 10 detailed steps, and from the first cut to the final polish, our optometrist-approved lab handles each order with precision and care.

Pc icon


All of our prescription lenses come standard with impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic. This is the most durable lens material and is lighter + thinner than other types of plastic lenses.

Hi icon

High index

For prescriptions stronger than SPH +/- 4 and/or CYL +/- 2, we recommend high index 1.67 lenses. These lenses are 20% thinner + lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, which helps alleviate that "coke bottle" effect. For an Rx stronger than SPH +/- 7, we recommend high index 1.70 lenses, which are aspheric and even thinner + lighter than 1.67 lenses.

Cr icon


All of our non-prescription lenses are constructed out of CR-39 plastic. This quality lens tints better than other types of plastic lenses, meaning we can get your lens color just right.

Lens options

We love options. That's why we offer a wide selection of customizable lens choices to pair with your felix + iris frames.

Np icon


- $89 -

Our non-prescription lenses come in both clear and a variety of tinted styles for indoor + outdoor use.

Sv icon

Single vision prescription

- $119 -

Our single vision lenses contain one prescription throughout the entire surface of the lens to correct either farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Pr icon


- $299 -

Our progressives contain three prescriptions in one lens for up-close, intermediate, and far-away vision needs, without the visible lines you see in bifocals or trifocals.
Shop progressive-friendly frames

Bi icon


- $249 -

Our bifocals contain two prescriptions in one lens for both a nearsighted + farsighted prescription. In bifocals, you can see where the prescription changes because there will be a visible line on the lens.
Shop bifocal-friendly frames

Tr icon


- $299 -

Our trifocals also contain three prescriptions, one each for up-close, intermediate, and far-away vision needs. Like bifocals, you can visibly see a line on each lens where the prescription changes.
Shop trifocal-friendly frames

Re icon


Standard $89, Prescription $119

Our reading glasses are designed to magnify anything in your near vision, making reading easier. We offer both standard power readers and prescription readers, which can provide custom correction for each eye.

Fo icon

Frames only

- $89 -

Our frames can be purchased on their own and come with manufacturer lenses. These are great for those wanting to get clear, prescription, tinted, or alternate lenses put in elsewhere, such as at your eye doctor's office.

Lens protection

All of our glasses come with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and UV lens protection — free of charge, every single time.

Ar icon


free of charge

We use the highest level of anti-reflective coating on all of our lenses. Our special formula helps you see better by reflecting away light when you're driving or sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time.

Sr icon


free of charge

To help prevent unnecessary wear and tear, all of our lenses are scratch resistant. We choose only the most durable lens materials for added protection against potential damages.

Uv icon

UV protection

free of charge

All of our lenses have superior UV protection, which can help block the sun's harmful rays and prevent potential vision problems.

Lens tints

All of our lenses, prescription or non-prescription, can be tinted just about any color of the rainbow. Whether you need yellow lenses because you spend long hours in front of a computer or your doctor recommends another special tint for your eyes, we've got you covered!

Grey lens tint
Brown lens tint
Green lens tint
Purple lens tint
Pink lens tint
Blue lens tint
Yellow lens tint

Our sunglasses

Whether you have a prescription or not, we're all about protecting your eyes (and making sure you look good while doing it)! Choose any felix + iris frame and turn it into a pair of sunglasses. In addition to any of the color tints listed above, we have several more add-on options.

Po icon

Polarized lenses

Adding a polarized filter to your
sunglasses helps fight glare, increases
color contrast, and gives you a
sharper view.

Ph icon

Photochromic lenses

These are lenses that transition from
clear to tinted as you expose them to
UV light.

Gr icon

Gradient lenses

You can add a gradient to any of your
tinted sunglasses, which will cause a
gradual fading effect on the lens.

Mc icon

Magnetic clip-ons

With magnets placed directly in the
lenses, these clip-on sunglasses are
customized to match the exact
shape of your frames.

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